Energy Incentives and Rebates for Lighting Upgrades – Maximize Your Rebate Return

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A recent estimate shows around 77% of U.S. zip codes are eligible for LED lighting and control rebates in 2023.  It means commercial and industrial building owners and managers can apply for energy incentives and rebates to help offset the cost associated with a lighting upgrade or new installation.

While finding rebates on LED products is relatively simple, it can be difficult to determine if your lighting fixtures qualify for the incentives. To make it a little easier to navigate energy incentives and rebates, we’ve compiled the following information. After reading this brief article, reach out to our team to learn what’s available in your area.

Why are Energy Incentives and Rebates Important?

Your business has a budget for everything, and it could include a lighting upgrade or installation. Rebates can help your business recoup up to 25% of these costs.

Along with the financial incentives, LED lighting also comes with additional benefits. You see lower electrical bills and the money saved can help shorten the amount of time it takes to pay for the LED lighting system.

Don’t forget about the benefit to the environment. Using energy-efficient lighting indicates your brand’s commitment to sustainable practices, which is something many consumers look for in a business they support.

If you are considering a lighting upgrade we suggest reading, See a Faster LED Lighting Payback with Rebates. We give several examples of available rebates and the difference in energy savings, paybacks with and without incentives. Read the full article here.

Why Are Utility Companies Offering Rebates?

Each year, utility companies set energy savings goals. Reducing energy usage negates the need to expand the capacity of the power plant. In essence, utility companies are saving money by offering their customers financial incentives to reduce their electrical consumption. The rebate program is a win for consumers and utility providers.

Which Utility Companies Offer Rebates and What Lighting Products Apply?

Over 3,000 utility companies in the U.S. are offering their customers rebates and other financial incentives to switch to energy-efficient lighting products. It typically includes everything from fixtures, luminaires, and LED lighting controls. The controls can often be manual or automated. We can help you find applicable ones in your zip code or even provide assistance in national rollouts.

While we can assist you in finding lighting products applicable for energy incentives and rebates, some business owners prefer to select luminaires and fixtures without assistance. If you go this route, look for products with DLC and Energy Star ratings. This information is usually included in the product’s packaging.

Important Update: For those selecting your own products, please be aware there are DLC updates that could affect your rebates. To learn more, please read DLC v5.1 – Will Your Rebates be Affected? We cover the major changes that can and will affect your rebate recovery process.

What Are the Different Types of Lighting Upgrade Incentives and Rebates?

Utilities offer several types of incentive and rebate programs. Here are three common ones.


Prescriptive rebate programs have specific guidelines that apply to the lighting upgrade and the incentives and rebates offered. Customers typically need to meet several requirements to qualify for a prescriptive rebate. When it comes to filing the necessary forms, the task is handled by the customer, contractor, installer, purchaser, or your incentive and rebate management organization. It’s a good idea to check with the professionals you hire to ensure they will take responsibility for this task. Otherwise, you may miss out on these incentives.


Custom rebate programs are ideal for industries that use unique equipment. The program encourages businesses to develop processes that reduce energy consumption. Since this type of equipment doesn’t fall under the specific guidelines outlined in prescriptive rebate programs, companies will need to provide proof their new processes reduce energy usage. The rebate value is then based on the amount of KW and kWh saved.


Midstream rebate programs typically apply to equipment manufacturers. The program’s goal is to encourage manufacturers to develop energy-efficient products. It also applies to distributors who can also apply for midstream rebates when they keep energy-saving products in stock. The program works by offering customers the products at wholesale prices. The distributors are then reimbursed by the utilities, ensuring they are not losing money on the sale.

Rebates for LED Lighting Controls

Thanks to the DLC Networked Lighting Controls qualifying product list, it’s easier to know which products qualify for a rebate. The list is also continuing to expand as more types of lighting controls hit the market. The DLC’s NLC QPL requires lighting systems to meet the minimum listed requirements to qualify for rebates. In 2019, the QPL lists 48 lighting control systems from 28 manufacturers, ensuring you have several options.

Talk to Us About Energy Incentives and Rebates

Navigating the various lists and requirements necessary to qualify for energy incentives and rebates can be time-consuming and frustrating. Let us help you find applicable rebates in your zip area. We can also help you select an appropriate energy-efficient lighting system, and take care of the rebate process. For assistance with your energy-efficient product selection and rebate recover call us today at 480-653-8180, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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