Are There Rebates for Networked Lighting Controls?

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Adding networked lighting controls to the Design Lighting Consortium (DLC) is helping their popularity grow. Anyone not sure what networked lighting controls are, the simple explanation is it’s a system of individual fixtures and devices working together across the building. The controls also monitor and measure energy usage.

According to the DLC, networked lighting controls can save 35% or more on energy usage in commercial buildings. It is also estimated only 10% of new construction projects are installing this lighting technology.

Rebates for Networked Lighting Controls

Due to the complexity of projects using networked lighting controls, rebate programs are finding it difficult to gauge potential energy savings. However, rebate programs are working on ways to offer bonuses to businesses that employ the technology.

Businesses can take advantage of custom programs offering rebates for new construction using networked lighting controls. Other available programs are performance-based. These programs typically have a complicated approval process. It’s also hard to estimate your potential savings, but the rebate can give you a sizeable incentive when you meet the qualifications.

How the amount of the rebate is determined can also vary. Some lighting control programs base the dollar amount on watts controlled, kWh saved, the percentage of the project cost, or the project’s square footage.

Each year the number of available rebates for networked lighting controls is increasing, especially for prescriptive bonuses. These rebates are easier to use and estimate, but only around 20% of current programs offer these types of bonuses.

Individuals qualifying for prescriptive rebates can see savings on each fixture connected to a lighting control system. Some requirements to qualify state both the fixture and lighting control must be on the DLC list of approved products.

To sum up lighting control rebates, there are some you can use to help offset project costs. The approval process isn’t easy, but the potential financial incentives make it worth researching and applying.

If you are concerned about your lighting controls being on the DLC list, make sure to read our blog, DLC V5.1 – Will Your Rebates be Affected. We will take a deep-dive into what rebates DLC affects, what has changed in the new update from DLC, and what products could be affected. 

Don’t Forget About Traditional Lighting Controls

While networked lighting controls provide significant energy savings, the advanced technology may not be right for every retrofit project. Some projects do not require advanced controls, but you can still qualify for rebates and reduce energy usage.

Standard sensors are an example of an opportunity to qualify for rebates and save on energy bills. Occupancy sensors in warehouses are simple to install, qualify for lighting control rebates, and reduce electrical usage.

Control rebates often offer incentives that significantly offset the purchasing and installation costs. For example, the average lighting control rebate for occupancy sensors is around $25. When you add the rebate to your energy savings, the sensors pay for themselves in a few months. Some rebates can even cover the complete cost of the sensor.

Talk to Us About Rebates for Lighting Controls

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