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We offer a fully turn-key incentive management solution, finding, processing, and collecting local, state, federal, and utility incentives and rebates for organizations across the U.S.

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As one of the only fully turn-key incentive and rebate management companies in the U.S. with over 62 years of accumulated experience, we have the expertise necessary to maximize your incentive returns. We understand the confusion surrounding incentives and rebates and how they affect your project’s ROI. No matter your organizational type, facility management, business owner, manufacturer, distributor, or contractor, our incentive management experts will get you the max returns when installing energy-efficient equipment.

Incentives and rebates can improve payback time by 20%-25%.

Choosing the right incentive program could double your rebates.

75% of the U.S. is covered by an active commercial lighting rebate.

Taking The Hassle Out of the Incentive Process

Anyone who has ever tried to manage their own incentives can attest to the stress and hair-pulling hassle of the whole process. From missed pre-approvals and unseen paperwork, navigating the incentive and rebate terrain can be a time-consuming and resource-draining endeavor. But not anymore. Let Incentive Rebate360 take the hassle out of your incentive process!

The incentive management process tends to be a lengthy one and can take an average of 7-8 weeks, not including installation time.

Discover the streamlined solution you’ve been searching for – click here to explore Our Incentive and Rebate Management Process and revolutionize your rebate recovery journey with ease.

No matter your organization’s size or resources, incentive rebate management often produces greater returns when outsourced to the experts.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table, Use an Expert

There are many instances where using an expert saves you time, effort, and money. When your vehicle needs maintenance, tax season, financial planning, or a dreaded plumbing issue are all times when hiring a professional with years of experience is the best option. Incentive management is one of those times when an expert is going to save you time, effort, and get you the max incentive dollars available.

Without an incentive management expert, you could be disqualifying yourself or limiting your return without even realizing.

Unlock your full incentive potential and maximize your returns by tapping into the expertise of our professionals. Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities – explore Our Process now and secure the incentives you deserve.

Our Experts are Standing by to Maximize Your Incentives

There are many reasons to utilize our Incentive Rebate360 experts, but the main one comes down to maximizing your incentive return and not leaving money on the table.

Our incentive management experts are standing by to walk you through our process and answer any incentive rebate questions you may have. We welcome your inquiries and will respond within 24 business hours, or you can schedule a call that fits your team’s needs.

Meet Our Partners

Incentive Rebate360 is where strategic partnerships converge to propel commercial organizations toward unparalleled success. Our extensive network of partners provides a diverse array of tools, services, and solutions aimed at unlocking the full potential of businesses. Committed to elevating efficiency and driving savings, Incentive Rebate360 specializes in optimizing energy-efficient incentive and rebate programs across various industries. By prioritizing tangible value, we empower our partners and clients to maximize returns through a seamless and efficient process, ensuring they thrive in a dynamic business landscape.

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As one of the nation’s only full turn-key incentive management companies, we understand the struggles facing organizations trying to find, process, and receive the max amount available in incentive and rebate funds.

Your challenges have a solution, and our incentive and rebate specialists are available to answer all of your questions.

Your inquiry will be answered within 24 business hours of your submittal. If you would like to schedule a call that fits your need, please feel free to click any of our Schedule A Call buttons to view and select a time that works best for you.


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