Commercial LED Lighting Rebates Explained

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Did you know lighting rebates can offset the cost of an LED lighting project? These lighting rebates can apply to both residential and commercial customers.

Are There Available LED Lighting Rebates?

The energy savings you get from LEDs, compared to fluorescent, HID, and incandescent bulbs, are resulting in rebates being offered to switch to low-energy usage lights. Rebates for LED installation projects are available across the U.S. and Canada. For example, around 77% of the United States offers commercial LED lighting rebates.

Lighting Rebates for Residential Customers

Residential customers can take advantage of LED rebates. These rebates are typically supplied by the retailer. The price for the bulbs and fixtures is discounted at the time of purchase.

LED Lighting Rebates for Commercial Customers

Around 77% of businesses in the United States are located in areas providing lighting rebates. These rebates also apply to non-profit entities.

Who Provides LED Lighting Rebates

While the federal government is currently not providing rebates for LED lighting, you have other options. Rebates are commonly provided by states, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and utilities.

Have you read our blog, The ABCs of Lighting Rebate Programs? In this blog we take a look at the different types of lighting rebates currently available, the different types of paperwork, pre-approvals and qualifications. 

What Types of LEDs are Eligible for Lighting Rebates?

Instead of offering rebates on a specific model or brand, LED rebates are based on category. Programs offering rebates on LED tubes cover all products, regardless of manufacturer, as long as it meets the requirements. Most lighting rebate programs require the LED products to be listed as DLC or EnergyStar.

Commercial LED Lighting Rebate Amounts

LED lighting rebates vary according to project type. The type of LED and the project’s location can also affect rebate amounts. The average rebate for LEDs in the U.S. and Canada for 2023 is as follows:

  • LED Tube – $4
  • 2×4 Troffer – $33
  • Parking Garage Fixture – $94
  • HID Screw-in Bulbs / Corncobs – $53
  • Pole Lights – $98
  • High-bay Fixtures – $121

How to Get Commercial LED Lighting Rebates

It typically takes around six months to receive LED rebates. Commercial LED lighting rebates require project approval, and it can take four to five weeks. To help ensure a smooth process, it’s a good idea to identify the applicable rebate programs and products meeting the requirements during the project’s planning stages.

Are Specific Contractors a Requirement to Qualify for Lighting Rebates?

The majority of rebate programs do not require commercial business owners to hire a specific contractor. Some local rebate programs may list a designated installer. Not using the installer can disqualify you from receiving the rebate.

Lighting rebate programs requiring you to use a specific contractor are known as Direct Install Programs. In these types of programs, the contractor is responsible for everything from specifying and supplying the product and installing the new lighting to filing the rebate paperwork.

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