Which States Have the Best and Worst LED Lighting Rebates?

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Businesses looking to cut operating costs and promote their brand’s commitment to the environment often look to decrease their energy usage. One of the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption is by switching to LED lighting.

However, even with prices falling on LED bulbs and fixtures, a lighting retrofit can be expensive. To help offset purchasing costs states are offering an LED lighting rebate on eligible products. Here’s a look at the various rebates on a state-by-state basis.

Type of LED Lighting Rebates

There are different types of LED lighting rebates that vary by state and utility provider. These are the three most common ones in the United States.

  • Point of Sale (POS): These rebates are issued when an eligible product is purchased. Facility managers often prefer this type of rebate since it is instantaneous and does not require paperwork.
  • Prescriptive: You can choose the type of LED fixture you prefer, as long as it meets the rebate’s specifications. This rebate pays out over time.
  • Custom: Custom rebates are more complex than the other two types. You can create custom rebate proposals for utility and power companies. However, creating custom rebates typically involves a complex project planning process.

State LED Lighting Rebates

The best LED lighting rebates depend on your project, but some parts of the country have a more robust incentive program than others.

Best LED Lighting Rebates by Region

The Northeast

Get ready to immerse yourself in paperwork, unless you use one of our Incentive Rebate360 experts. However, if you have the patience to fill out the various forms, your business can potentially save thousands of dollars in LED installation costs. Facilities and industrial buildings looking to upgrade to LED lighting will benefit from these financial incentives.

The Midwest and the Northwest

You have plenty of rebate options to choose from in these states. A good tip is to find the products and then search for the applicable rebate. Most rebate programs have relatively simple approval processes and plenty of incentives to choose from.

Worst LED Lighting Rebates by State

The states offering the worst LED lighting rebates may surprise you. Here’s a quick look at the three worst states for LED lighting rebates.


Instead of offering rebates, California uses legislation like Title 20 and Title 24 to encourage businesses to adopt energy-efficient lighting.


Even though the application process is complicated and time-consuming, Texas offers lucrative rebates for large LED lighting projects. However, the complicated paperwork means small businesses often avoid the rebate process.


One of the worst states for LED lighting rebates is Florida. The state offers very few rebates and the payout is usually small.

Learn More About LED Lighting Rebates in Your State

Do you have questions about LED lighting rebates in your state or need help filling out the paperwork? Do you have a national footprint with larger project rollouts? We can help your business find and apply for rebates so you can start your LED retrofit project. Call 480-653-8180, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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