Renewable Energy Rebate Programs for NJ

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Successor Solar Incentive (SuSI) Program

At the heart of New Jersey’s solar initiatives lies the Successor Solar Incentive (SuSI) Program. Established by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU), the SuSI Program aims to provide long-term incentives for new solar generation facilities across the state. Under this program, solar projects connected to the transmission or distribution systems of New Jersey’s electric utilities or local government units can register to earn New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy Credits II (SREC-II).

The SuSI Program consists of two sub-programs:

  1. Administratively Determined Incentive (ADI) Program: This sub-program offers administratively set incentives for net-metered residential projects, net-metered non-residential projects, and community solar projects of 5 MW (dc) or less. Through the ADI Program, participants can access incentives to offset the upfront costs of installing solar energy systems.
  2. Competitive Solar Incentive (CSI) Program: Geared towards grid supply projects and net-metered non-residential projects greater than 5 MW (dc), the CSI Program provides competitively set incentives. Although the first solicitation round of the CSI Program faced challenges, subsequent rounds aim to foster competition and drive down the costs of solar energy deployment.

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Transition Incentive (TI) Program

The Transition Incentive (TI) Program serves as a bridge between legacy solar programs and the Successor Solar Incentive Program. Introduced to facilitate a smooth transition, the TI Program provides incentives for solar projects registered under former programs. While the TI Program is no longer accepting new applications, existing projects continue to benefit from the incentives offered, contributing to New Jersey’s renewable energy goals.

Legacy SREC Registration Program

Before the advent of the SuSI Program, the Legacy SREC Registration Program (SRP) played a pivotal role in driving solar adoption in New Jersey. While closed to new registrations, projects enrolled in the SRP retain their eligibility to generate Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). These credits represent the clean energy attributes of electricity generated from solar energy projects and contribute to New Jersey’s Renewable Portfolio Standards.

Community Solar Energy Program

In addition to individual solar installations, New Jersey’s Community Solar Energy Program (CSEP) aims to make solar energy accessible to a wider audience. By incentivizing eligible community solar facilities, the CSEP enables communities to participate in the clean energy transition. From rooftops to carports and contaminated sites, diverse locations can host solar installations, fostering community engagement and renewable energy adoption.

New Jersey Offshore Wind Strategic Plan

Beyond solar energy, New Jersey is embracing the potential of offshore wind to meet its clean energy goals. With a strategic plan in place to achieve 7,500 megawatts of offshore wind energy by 2035, the state is poised to become a leader in offshore wind development. By harnessing the power of wind resources off its coast, New Jersey aims to create a sustainable energy future while protecting the environment and stimulating economic growth.

Creating Sustainable Energy with Incentive Rebate360

New Jersey’s renewable energy rebate programs offer a pathway towards a cleaner, greener future. From solar incentives to offshore wind initiatives, the state is committed to driving the transition to renewable energy sources. By incentivizing investment in renewable technologies, New Jersey is not only reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also fostering innovation, job creation, and economic resilience.

Join us in harnessing the power of the sun and wind to create a brighter tomorrow for generations to come. For expert advice on the incentive application process of the Clean Energy Program and to learn about our process, contact Incentive Rebate360. Call 480-653-8180, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below!


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