Rebate Programs for Existing Commercial Building in The State of New Jersey

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In New Jersey’s dynamic landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to bolster their bottom line while contributing to a sustainable future. Recognizing the significance of energy efficiency, the New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) offers a range of financial incentives tailored to commercial properties and businesses. Let’s delve into the various rebate programs available and how they can benefit your enterprise.

New Jersey Clean Energy Program Rebates

Prescriptive and Custom Incentives

Under the prescriptive and custom program, NJCEP offers a dual approach to energy efficiency upgrades. Prescriptive Incentives provide a streamlined avenue for upgrading to high-efficiency equipment, including lighting and controls, HVAC systems, variable frequency drives, and more. Businesses can receive rebates promptly, making it an attractive option for those seeking quick returns on investment.

For businesses with specific energy efficiency requirements not covered by prescriptive incentives, custom incentives offer a personalized solution. From optimizing industrial processes to implementing building energy management systems, the possibilities are vast. NJCEP experts collaborate with businesses to develop tailored project plans, ensuring alignment with unique facility needs and organizational goals. These custom projects often result in performance-based incentives, further maximizing returns. Businesses should reach out to their local utility company for more information and eligibility.

Large Energy Users Program

The Large Energy Users Program (LEUP) targets eligible projects in New Jersey’s largest non-hospital commercial and industrial facilities. Entities that have paid a minimum of $5,000,000 in total annual energy costs to NJ utilities can qualify. LEUP offers substantial incentives, with applicants able to submit up to three separate energy plans per fiscal year. Incentive commitments are tied to project savings and total project costs, empowering large-scale energy users to invest in efficiency with confidence.

Local Government Energy Audit

Local governments and select non-profit agencies in New Jersey can benefit from the Local Government Energy Audit (LGEA) Program. This initiative allows for a comprehensive assessment of facilities to identify energy-saving opportunities. NJCEP covers 100% of the audit costs, ensuring no out-of-pocket expenses for participants. The audit scope includes inventorying energy-consuming equipment, utility bill analysis, facility benchmarking, and screenings for alternative energy solutions. Upon completion, participants receive a list of recommended measures to reduce operating expenses and enhance sustainability.

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program has numerous financial incentives available to New Jersey businesses. Click here to read our previous blog, New Commercial Construction Incentives from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, to learn about other ways to save!

Utility Providers Serving New Jersey Counties

To access these rebate programs, businesses can engage with various utility providers across different counties in New Jersey:

  1. Atlantic City Electric: Serving southern New Jersey, including counties such as Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, and more.
  2. Jersey Central Power & Light: Covering a wide range of counties including Burlington, Monmouth, Ocean, Sussex, and others.
  3. Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G): New Jersey’s largest utility, serving areas where approximately 70% of the population resides.
  4. Orange and Rockland Electric: Providing services in areas of suburban New York and northern New Jersey, including counties like Bergen, Passaic, and Sussex.
  5. Elizabethtown Gas: Serving neighborhoods in Middlesex, Union, Sussex, Warren, and other counties.
  6. New Jersey Natural Gas: Offering gas utility services to towns in counties such as Burlington, Monmouth, Ocean, and more.
  7. South Jersey Gas: Serving neighborhoods in Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Gloucester, and other counties.

By leveraging these rebate programs and collaborating with utility providers, businesses in New Jersey can embark on a journey towards enhanced energy efficiency, reduced operational costs, and a greener future for all. Incentive Rebate360 can assist in rebate management services by streamlining the process of applying for commercial financial rebates. Contact us by calling 480-653-8180, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below!


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