New Commercial Construction Incentives from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program

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In the dynamic landscape of energy consumption and sustainability, New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) stands as a beacon, offering innovative incentives to propel the state towards a greener future. One such initiative is the New Construction Incentives program, aimed at encouraging energy efficient design choices in commercial and industrial facilities across New Jersey. Let’s delve into the details of this program and explore how it can benefit building owners, designers, architects, and the environment alike.

Understanding New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP)

The NJCEP is a comprehensive initiative that promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy adoption throughout the state. Within this program, the New Construction Incentives target new construction and substantial renovation projects, driving the adoption of cost-effective, energy efficient building practices. By surpassing minimum efficiency standards mandated by building codes, NJCEP aims to foster the development of some of the most efficient buildings in the nation.

Proposed New Construction Program (NCP)

The Proposed New Construction Program (NCP) is poised to revolutionize energy savings and emissions reduction efforts in New Jersey. Designed to streamline processes and enhance equity, NCP promises to be a game-changer in the realm of energy efficient construction. With its impending launch, stakeholders are encouraged to stay informed through the NJCEP Energy Efficiency Listserv and Newsletter distribution lists.

If your organization is looking for incentives and rebates outside of the New Jersey area, we suggest reviewing our other blogs to find your area and utility provider. If you do not see your area covered in our blog feed, please schedule a call with one of our incentive and rebate experts and ask them to find your rebates!

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for incentives under the New Construction Incentives program, projects must fall under the categories of new construction or substantial renovation and be located in buildings served by NJ Investor-Owned Utilities. Substantial renovations encompass various scenarios, including changes of use, reconstruction of existing spaces, and revitalization of vacant structures.

Pay for Performance – New Construction

The Pay for Performance model offers incentives linked directly to energy savings, encouraging a comprehensive, whole-building approach to energy efficiency. Eligible commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings with over 50,000 square feet of conditioned space can participate in this program. By exceeding current energy code requirements, participants can unlock incentives at various milestones, ranging from the submission of energy reduction plans to achieving ENERGY STAR certification.

Multi-Measure: Customer Tailored

The Customer Tailored Energy Efficiency Pilot (CTEEP) Program complements existing incentives by providing a flexible framework for mid-to-large commercial and industrial customers. This program allows participants to bundle multiple energy-saving measures into a single application, streamlining the process for new construction and substantial renovation projects. Eligible sectors include K-12 schools, colleges, hospitals, office buildings, and industrial facilities.

SmartStart New Construction Buildings

The SmartStart program offers fixed and savings-based incentives for selecting energy efficient equipment in new construction and renovation projects. By incentivizing the adoption of energy efficient technologies, SmartStart empowers participants to enhance building performance while reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and Fuel Cell Installations

In line with New Jersey’s commitment to energy efficiency and grid resilience, generous incentives are available for combined heat & power (CHP) and fuel cell installations. Eligible projects must meet specific efficiency criteria and contribute to reducing demands on the electric power grid. Through feasibility studies and streamlined application processes, NJCEP facilitates the integration of on-site power generation solutions.

New Construction Projects with Incentive Rebate360

The new construction incentives offered by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program present a golden opportunity for stakeholders in the commercial and industrial sectors to embrace energy efficiency and sustainability. By leveraging these incentives, building owners, designers, and architects can not only reduce operational costs but also contribute to a cleaner, greener future for generations to come. Explore the possibilities, unlock energy savings, and join hands with NJCEP in building a brighter tomorrow, one energy efficient building at a time.

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