PG&E Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Rebates

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When it comes to optimizing energy efficiency and ensuring comfort, PG&E is here to support both agricultural and commercial ventures with a range of valuable rebates on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. These incentives are designed to encourage the adoption of energy-efficient practices, benefiting not only your bottom line but also the environment. Let’s delve into the details of these rebates and how they can work for you.

Heating Rebates for Agricultural Ventilation Fans

For agricultural operations, particularly those managing dairy and livestock, maintaining optimal ventilation is crucial for both energy efficiency and animal well-being. PG&E offers rebates for upgrading to high-efficiency agricultural ventilation fans, specifically designed for dairy ventilation. These fans not only enhance energy efficiency but also contribute to improving animal comfort and reducing contaminant exposure in livestock holding facilities.

To qualify for this rebate, customers must replace existing ventilation fans with high-efficiency alternatives that meet specified criteria. The new fans must match the airflow and radius of the previous ones and be listed on the University of Illinois Bioenvironmental and Structural Systems Lab (BESS) website. Additionally, the installation address must be an agricultural electric account with PG&E.

Ventilation Rebates for Commercial Settings

In commercial settings, optimizing ventilation systems can lead to significant energy savings. PG&E offers rebates for Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) applied to existing HVAC supply, return, or exhaust air fan motors. These drives allow for automatic adaptation to varying airflow demands, maximizing energy efficiency while ensuring optimal ventilation levels.

To qualify, installations must follow manufacturer guidelines and instructions, and the building must have a commercial electric account with PG&E. Exclusions apply, such as constant fan speed applications and HVAC fan motors below 3 horsepower or above 100 horsepower.

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Air Conditioning Rebates with Advanced Rooftop HVAC Controls

Retrofitting existing rooftop HVAC units with advanced control options can further enhance energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. PG&E offers rebates for advanced rooftop HVAC controls, including Advanced Digital Economizer Control Systems (ADEC) for packaged HVAC units. These systems detect and report problems with sensors, dampers, and other components, ensuring continuous energy efficiency.

Customers must select the appropriate measure code for their HVAC unit type and ensure proper installation according to manufacturer requirements and applicable building codes. The installation address must have a commercial electric account with PG&E to qualify for the rebate.

Application Process and Exclusions

To apply for these rebates, customers must submit a dated invoice detailing the equipment installed. For questions regarding eligibility or the application process, customers can contact their PG&E account representative, the Agricultural Customer Service Center, or one of Incentive Rebate360’s incentive and rebate specialists.

It’s important to note that certain exclusions apply to these rebate programs. For example, rebates are not applicable for new construction applications or portable fans. Additionally, eligibility criteria vary depending on the type of equipment and building type.

PG&E Rebates with Incentive Rebate360

In conclusion, PG&E’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning rebates offer substantial opportunities for agricultural and commercial entities to improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and contribute to environmental sustainability. By taking advantage of these incentives, businesses can unlock significant savings while enhancing comfort and productivity.

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