A Look at VFD Motor Rebates

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Are you thinking about switching to VFD motors? Did you know you may qualify for a VFD rebate?

VFD Motor Rebates

Millions of industrial and commercial facilities rely on motors to power daily operations. Whether it’s fans, compressors, exhausts, pumps, or chillers, all of these components have motors consuming large amounts of energy.

Switching to energy-efficient motors reduces energy usage. However, you can further reduce your energy savings by installing variable frequency drives (VFDs). Variable frequency drives monitor and automatically adjust the motor’s speed to match the current need. The motor runs slower when use is lower.

Along with producing significant energy savings, VFDs can reduce the wear and tear on the motor.

Due to their energy savings capabilities, VFD motor rebates are available for purchasing and installing the equipment.

No matter what type of incentive or rebate you are trying to apply for, the process can be long and worrisome. In our blog, Rebate Processing – Should we Outsource? We take a detailed look at the incentive process and provide background on everything you would have to do in-house, if you decide to not outsource the process. 

What to Know About VFD Rebates

Multiple sources provide VFD rebates that include municipalities, electric providers, and non-profit energy efficiency organizations. The amount of the rebate is typically based on the size and type of VFD you install.

Most states offer VFDs and motor rebates, but approval is often challenging.

Here are a few tips on how to smooth out the VFD rebate approval process.

  • Various programs have different requirements like size and application. Ensure the VFD qualifies for the rebate.
  • Some programs require pre-approval before installing the VFD. It is a good idea to start the process early. It can take around 18 days for pre-approval.

Rebate programs can also disqualify you if the energy savings are too high. The programs are often capped at a percentage of the purchasing and installation cost or the payback period.

Contact Us to Learn More About VFD Rebates

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