EV Charger Rebates and Incentives Explained

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Interest in electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow. However, many consumers are worried about access to charging stations. A wider charging network with additional EV charging stations (EVSE) is being built, thanks to nationwide rebates, incentives, and grants. Currently, an estimated 59% of the United States is offering rebates or incentives for installing EV chargers. But have you ever wondered where EV charger rebates come from?

EV Charger Rebates Differ from Other Industry Incentives

Finding and applying for EV charger rebates differs from those for energy-efficient products like LED lighting. The EV charger increases energy consumption, so it makes sense the rebate process will have different providers. Utilities may be the first place you start looking, but there are additional sources for EV charger incentives.

EV Charger Incentive Sources

  • Utility
  • Federal
  • State
  • Regional
  • County
  • City
  • Municipality

Utility Rebates

Utility rebate programs comprise the majority of EV charger incentives, but it is starting to shift to state, county, and regional programs. The shift away from utilities is expected to continue as the $5 billion in funds from the bipartisan infrastructure package starts rolling into the states.

An incentive utilities are likely to continue offering is their ‘make-ready’ program. It doesn’t cover EV charger purchasing or installation costs, but it does invest in the grid. The program can include transformers, service panels, and junction boxes, all needed to support EV charging.

If your organizations is interested in utility incitive for EV chargers, we suggest reading, Examining Utility EV Charger Rebates. We take a deep dive into where these rebates are located and provide maps by customer class that include residential and commercial rebates. 

Federal Rebates

Federal EV charger rebates are a broad category. These incentives apply to most residences and businesses. Tax credits are an example of federal incentives.

State Rebates

Multiple states are offering rebate programs for EV chargers. Some are competitive programs. You submit your project and wait to see if it is selected. Other rebate programs are more traditional. You fill out forms and follow the necessary steps. Something to remember, state EV charger rebate programs are often time sensitive. These programs can also be restricted. The specifications to meet the requirements are often extremely precise.

County and Regional Incentives

EV charger rebates are not limited to utilities. It can be based on a regional level, like a county. An example of a regional EV charger incentive program are the air districts in California. These districts are not limited by geographical boundaries and often offer incentives you can combine with utility EV charger rebates.

City Incentives

It’s difficult to track these rebate programs due to the number of towns and municipalities in the United States. These types of EV charger rebate programs are targeted for a specific area. Your project must fall into the boundaries of the township. Funding for the programs varies, sometimes the town sponsors the rebates.

Did you know we have a 2 part series that looks at the available EV charger incentives? For those interested in federal incentives read, 2023 Federal EV Charging Infrastructure Rebates – Part 1. And for those interested in state and local rebates read, 2023 Federal EV Charging Infrastructure Rebates – Part 2

You Can Combine Some Types of EV Charger Rebates

Some EV charger rebate programs allow you to combine them with other incentives. Other programs prohibit receiving incentives from multiple sources. It can be a little confusing.

Adding to the confusion is the order to apply for multiple rebate programs. Some require you to apply and receive one before signing up for another program. It’s always a good idea to read the fine print and precisely follow each step.

Pay Attention to Charger Type and Location

Some rebate programs only apply to a specific type of charger. Others specify the charger’s location. Some EV charger incentives are based on how the charger is being used. Other programs only apply to commercial fleets or for business use.

EV Charger Rebates are Constantly Evolving

EV charger incentive programs are constant changing. Even if your location does not qualify currently for EV charger rebates, it can change in the future. New incentive programs are constantly being introduced, even as old ones expire.

To keep track of or apply for EV rebate programs you often need help from an expert. Let us help you find the EV charger rebates in your area, and take care of the paperwork!

To speak with one of our EV charger incentive specialists, call 480-653-8180, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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