A Look at Energy Efficient Incentives for Maryland

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Financial incentives are in place to encourage the adoption of energy-efficient technology and practices in homes and businesses. Energy-efficient incentives include low-interest loans, grants, rebates, bonds, tax credits, and sales tax exemptions. These financial incentives on eligible products help to lower upfront costs and shorten the time it can take to receive payback for energy-efficient upgrades. Energy-efficient incentives vary by state. Here’s a brief look at what’s available in Maryland.

With the differences between states, if you have a national or multi-regional footprint, understanding the differences between state programs is key. Check out our blog feed for more state-by-state incentive and rebate programs.

Incentives for Maryland

Incentives for MD include the following programs.

Commercial Incentive and Rebate Recovery with Incentive Rebate360

To learn more about these energy-efficient incentives in Maryland, contact Incentive Rebate360. We can help you find and apply for incentive programs to fit your retrofit or new construction project. Call 480-653-8180, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.

Reference: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (2023). State and Local Policy Database. ACEEE. https://database.aceee.org/state/financial-incentives


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