A Look at Energy Efficient Incentives for Delaware

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When beginning a new commercial upgrade project, financial incentives are available for any industry looking to convert to sustainable energy practices. These rebates can be found through different branches of the government, utility programs and more. Check out the rebates available for businesses and properties in Delaware!


Affordable Multifamily Housing

Delaware’s Affordable Multifamily Housing Program empowers building owners to enhance energy efficiency and embrace renewable energy in both existing and new construction projects. The New Construction/Gut Rehabilitation Initiative supports projects with grants, rebates, technical assistance, and financing, prioritizing those pursuing ENERGY STAR and Passive House standards. Limited resources are available, with a focus on projects seeking Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. The Existing Building Initiative offers rebates, subsidized assessments, and low-cost financing to improve energy performance. Eligible properties, defined as affordable with five or more units, receive support, ensuring a sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious living environment.

If your organization is looking for incentives and rebates outside of the Delaware coverage area, we suggest reviewing our other blogs to find your area and utility provider. If you do not see your area covered in our blog feed, please schedule a call with one of our incentive and rebate experts and ask them to find your rebates!

Energize Delaware Farm Program

Energize Delaware introduces the Farm Program, a comprehensive initiative tailored to empower producers by offering substantial incentives and support for energy efficiency enhancements. This program extends loans up to $2 million and rebates up to $100,000, making it an invaluable resource for those looking to invest in efficiency measures on their farms.

The Farm Program begins with personalized energy audits, providing producers with a customized roadmap for implementing efficiency improvements on their properties. Eligible equipment for incentives covers a broad spectrum, including energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, poultry house insulation, variable speed drives, irrigation pump replacements, and more.

Participants in the Energize Delaware Farm Program not only benefit from cash incentives for qualifying equipment but also receive project installation support and assistance in accessing additional financial aid. The program goes a step further by offering low-interest loans, ensuring that producers have the financial backing they need to make impactful energy-efficient upgrades on their farms. It’s a strategic and supportive approach towards promoting sustainable and efficient agricultural practices in Delaware.


Revolving Loan Fund

Introducing a game-changing opportunity for Delaware businesses – a program designed to enhance energy efficiency while boosting your bottom line. This initiative offers financing options to credit-qualified businesses in existing facilities across the state. By adopting end-user energy efficiency measures and customer-sited renewable generation, you not only save on energy costs but also contribute to reducing environmental impacts.

Eligibility is open to all credit-qualified businesses, whether they own or lease their facilities. Loan amounts range from $30,000 to $2,000,000 per project, with interest rates determined by the Loan Committee, ranging between 50 and 120% of Municipal Bond Yields for 20-year bonds with AA rating.

Terms are flexible, varying based on project amounts, from the lessor of simple payback plus one year to up to 20 years for projects using an energy savings performance contract model. Minimum requirements include justification through energy assessments, adherence to Energize Delaware’s Responsible Contractor Policy, and meeting prevailing wage rates for applicable contracts.

Clean Vehicle Options, such as alternatively fueled vehicles, electric vehicles, and charging stations, are also eligible for financing. The program emphasizes the importance of demonstrating repayment ability through credit history, financial statements, and bank references.

Eligible activities include the installation of measures, energy efficiency audits, and code-related repairs and safety measures. With variable interest rates and a commitment to sustainability, this program stands as a catalyst for Delaware businesses to embrace energy efficiency, cut costs, and contribute to a greener future.


Faith Efficiencies Partnerships

Delaware Interfaith Power & Light (DeIPL), in partnership with Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU)/Energize Delaware, presents the Faith Efficiencies program. Geared toward faith communities throughout Delaware, this initiative focuses on energy audits, remediation, and education. SEU’s mission is to foster a sustainable energy future, while DeIPL rallies faith communities to combat climate change. The program offers comprehensive energy audits, with 90% of costs covered by SEU. DeIPL coordinates the process, offers consultation on upgrades, and provides information on financial incentives. Additionally, an Earth Care Display service is offered, promoting ongoing education and engagement within participating faith communities. This program exemplifies a shared commitment to energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy strategies.


Delaware Energy-Efficient Rebates with Incentive Rebate360

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