Take Advantage of These Georgia Power Commercial Incentives and Rebates

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Georgia Power is paving the way for energy efficiency and sustainability with a comprehensive array of rebates and incentives aimed at businesses and commercial properties. These incentives not only encourage environmentally conscious practices but also deliver substantial financial benefits, making the transition to energy efficient solutions a win-win for both the bottom line and the planet.

If your organization is looking for incentives and rebates outside of the Georgia Power coverage area, we suggest reviewing our other blogs to find your area and utility provider. If you do not see your area covered in our blog feed, please schedule a call with one of our incentive and rebate experts and ask them to find your rebates!

Available Rebates from Georgia Power

Heat Pump Water Heater: Businesses can receive up to $250 in rebates for each heat pump water heater installed, based on specific efficiency metrics. By embracing this technology, businesses not only reduce their energy consumption but also unlock significant savings.

Existing Building Lighting: Georgia Power offers rebates on a per-lamp or per-fixture basis for upgrading existing building lighting to more energy efficient alternatives. This initiative not only enhances the quality of illumination but also contributes to long-term energy savings.

Commercial Dishwasher: Installing ENERGY STAR®-certified dishwashers can qualify businesses for a $250 rebate per unit. This incentivizes the adoption of energy efficient appliances, reducing both energy consumption and operating costs.

Grocery Anti-Sweat Control: By implementing anti-sweat control systems for refrigerated display case doors, businesses can receive rebates of $15 per door. This initiative promotes energy conservation and temperature control in commercial refrigeration.

Strip Curtains: Georgia Power offers rebates of $50 per door or curtain for the installation of strip curtains or plastic swinging doors in refrigerated spaces. This helps businesses optimize energy usage by minimizing temperature fluctuations.

Variable-Speed Irrigation Pump: Replacing fuel-powered irrigation pumps with variable-speed alternatives can qualify businesses for rebates of $50 per horsepower. This encourages the adoption of more efficient irrigation practices, conserving water and energy.

Variable-Speed Ventilation Hoods: Businesses installing variable-speed ventilation hoods with advanced sensors can receive rebates of $500 per horsepower. These hoods adjust exhaust rates based on temperature and occupancy, optimizing energy usage.

Vertical Refrigerated Case Special Doors: By retrofitting existing doors with energy efficient alternatives, businesses can receive rebates of $50 per door. This initiative promotes energy conservation in commercial refrigeration systems.

Custom Equipment Upgrades: Georgia Power offers substantial rebates of up to $75,000 per building per year for custom energy saving upgrades. This incentivizes businesses to invest in innovative solutions that enhance energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Energy-saving Upgrades for Small Businesses: Small businesses can benefit from rebates of up to 70% on total installed costs for LED upgrades and other energy saving measures. This program makes energy efficiency accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Georgia Power Rebates with Incentive Rebate360

Georgia Power’s robust portfolio of rebates and incentives empowers businesses to embrace energy efficiency and sustainability with confidence. By leveraging these programs, businesses can not only reduce their environmental footprint but also realize significant cost savings. From upgrading lighting systems to installing energy-efficient appliances and implementing custom equipment upgrades, Georgia Power’s initiatives make it easier than ever for businesses to embark on the path to a greener, more sustainable future.

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