Dominion Energy’s ThermWise Rebate Program Explained

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Dominion Energy’s ThermWise Business Custom Rebates Program presents an invaluable opportunity for businesses to achieve verifiable, cost-effective, and sustainable natural gas savings. This rebate initiative, meticulously crafted by Dominion Energy, aims to incentivize the installation of energy-efficient measures within commercial facilities, fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and financial prudence. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the ThermWise Rebate Program, reviewing its eligibility criteria, qualifying measures, and the process for securing rebates.

ThermWise Rebate Program Overview

The ThermWise Business Custom Rebates Program operates as a conduit for businesses seeking to embark on energy-saving endeavors. Participants are required to submit project proposals aimed at achieving a quantifiable reduction in natural gas consumption through the implementation of energy-efficient measures. These proposals undergo rigorous evaluation by Dominion Energy, with approved projects qualifying for rebates. Crucially, the program extends its support to businesses that may not meet the criteria of the ThermWise Business Rebates Program, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility within the realm of energy efficiency initiatives.

Qualifying Customers

To partake in the ThermWise Business Custom Rebates Program, customers must be served by Dominion Energy within the State of Utah and possess a separately metered commercial facility operating on a Commercial GS rate schedule. Qualifying measures encompass a spectrum of retrofitting endeavors, system enhancements, and pioneering installations exceeding Utah Energy Code standards or conventional industry practices. Customers are encouraged to consult with Dominion Energy Account Managers, Program Administrators, or a Rebate Recovery Specialist to ascertain eligibility and explore potential projects tailored to their specific requirements.

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Eligible Measures

The program’s flexibility shines through in its approach to qualifying measures. Participants are empowered to propose a diverse array of energy-saving initiatives, provided they meet stringent criteria, including verifiable gas usage reduction, minimum useful life of 7 years, and adherence to cost-effectiveness thresholds. Eligible measures span an array of possibilities, ranging from solar hot water heating to process equipment insulation improvements, allowing businesses to embark on projects aligned with their sustainability goals and operational needs.

Simplified-Analysis Measures

In addition to the broad spectrum of eligible measures, the program incorporates a Simplified Analysis Approach for certain measures, streamlining the rebate process for qualifying projects. Measures such as boiler controls, steam traps, and combined heat & power systems are eligible for rebates under this simplified framework, expediting the path to energy efficiency for participating businesses.

Eligible Project Costs

Crucially, the ThermWise Rebate Program extends its support beyond mere rebates, encompassing eligible project costs associated with construction, installation, commissioning, and engineering endeavors. Businesses are encouraged to maintain meticulous documentation of expenses, ensuring seamless approval by the Program Administrator, and facilitating the realization of energy-saving aspirations.

ThermWise Rebates Through Incentive Rebate360

In essence, Dominion Energy’s ThermWise Rebate Program stands as a beacon of opportunity for businesses striving to embark on energy-efficient journeys. By leveraging this program’s incentives, businesses can not only reduce operational costs but also champion environmental sustainability, contributing to a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

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