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In a concerted effort to promote energy efficiency and sustainability, the Statewide Water Infrastructure and System Efficiency (SW WISE) Program stands as a beacon of support for water and wastewater pumping customers across select service areas. Tailored to various entities including water agencies, local government bodies, private water companies, and even oil and gas customers, this program offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at optimizing pumping systems while mitigating costs.

Understanding the Program

The SW WISE Program offers a range of benefits, including no-cost engineering services, project support, and, crucially, financial rebates to facilitate the adoption of high-efficiency equipment. These incentives play a pivotal role in offsetting the initial costs associated with replacing or upgrading energy-efficient systems, thereby making sustainable practices more accessible and attractive to a wider range of stakeholders.

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Navigating the Rebate Process

Customers keen on harnessing these rebates must adhere to a structured process. This entails submitting a project application for eligible energy-efficiency measures through the rebate offering process. It’s noteworthy that the program cycle spans from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2025, with applications accepted throughout this period. Rebates are only applicable to measures installed within this timeframe, emphasizing the importance of timely action.

Deemed Measures and Incentives

The program offers a diverse array of incentives tailored to different aspects of water and wastewater pumping systems:

Water Pump Upgrades: Incentives vary based on pump efficiency index and size, ranging from $7.38/hp to $19.53/hp. This includes clean water pump replacements with high pump efficiency indices between 1-15 HP, 15-50 HP, and 50-250 HP.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Installation: Rebates of $35/hp are available for VFD installation on irrigation and booster pumps, optimizing their energy consumption and operational efficiency.

Pipe Fitting Insulation: Customers can receive $3 per fitting for pipe insulation on hot water or steam systems, reducing heat loss and improving overall system efficiency.

Pipe Insulation: Rebates of $3 per linear foot are available for 1” insulation on <1” to >4” pipes for hot water or steam systems.

Customized Incentives: The program extends to custom measures and incentives for specific improvements, controls, and optimizations within pumping systems, offering incentives per kWh, kW, or therm depending on the measure. This includes incentives for pumping equipment upgrades, pump overhauls, pump controls, process equipment upgrades, process controls, and system optimization measures.

Embracing Efficiency

The SW WISE Program underscores the transformative power of energy-efficient solutions in the realm of water and wastewater pumping. By leveraging these incentives, participants not only reduce their operational costs but also contribute to broader environmental sustainability goals. The adoption of high-efficiency equipment translates not only to immediate financial savings but also to long-term resilience and responsible resource management.

Seize the Opportunity

For entities operating within eligible service areas, the SW WISE Program presents a unique opportunity to enhance operational efficiency while championing sustainability. By partnering with this initiative, businesses and organizations can access valuable resources, expertise, and financial incentives to drive meaningful change in their pumping systems. Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock savings and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future through Statewide Wise Incentives for Water and Wastewater Pumping.

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