A Look at Energy Efficient Incentives for Oregon

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In the dynamic landscape of energy consumption and sustainability initiatives, Oregon stands out as a beacon of progress, offering a myriad of incentives and rebates to support commercial energy efficiency projects. Amidst the bustling world of business operations, navigating these opportunities can be a game-changer for both the environment and the bottom line. Let’s delve into the treasure trove of incentives in Oregon, uncovering the financial rebates available for commercial energy efficiency projects.

Large Electric Consumer Public Purpose Program

At the heart of Oregon’s energy efficiency initiatives lies the Large Electric Consumer Public Purpose Program (LECPPP). Enacted through Senate Bill 1149 in 1999, this program mandates Oregon’s largest utilities to collect a public purpose charge from their customers. This charge serves as a funding source for energy conservation and renewable projects across the state. Businesses consuming over 8,760,000 kWh annually may be eligible for the LECPPP, also known as the Self-Direct Program.

Under this program, eligible sites have the opportunity to self-direct the renewable portion of their public purpose charge and cost-effective energy efficiency funded through rates. The Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) plays a pivotal role in reviewing applications and approving sites that meet the stringent eligibility criteria. Once certified, businesses can embark on energy efficiency and renewable projects, leveraging their own funds to build pre-certified projects.

Upon project completion, businesses can submit applications for credit to ODOE, where eligible project costs are reviewed and approved. These credits, which do not expire, can then be utilized to offset monthly energy costs, effectively reducing, or even eliminating certain charges.

Clean Water State Revolving Fund

In addition to the LECPPP, Oregon offers support through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program. This initiative acts as an environmental infrastructure bank, providing below-market rate loans for water infrastructure projects. Public agencies, including tribal nations, cities, counties, and various special districts, are eligible to apply for loans, promoting the enhancement of water quality and conservation efforts statewide.

Community Renewable Energy Grant

Furthering its commitment to sustainability and equity, Oregon extends the Community Renewable Energy Grant program. Open to tribes, public bodies, and consumer-owned utilities, this initiative prioritizes projects that support environmental justice communities and enhance community energy resilience. From planning renewable energy projects to constructing energy-efficient infrastructure, the grant program empowers communities to embrace clean energy solutions while addressing societal disparities.

Rural and Agriculture Energy Assistance Program

Amidst Oregon’s diverse tapestry of landscapes lies its vibrant rural sector, encompassing farms, ranches, and small businesses. Recognizing the unique energy needs of these entities, Oregon’s Rural and Agriculture Energy Assistance Program emerges as a beacon of support. With funding sourced from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Energy Audit and Renewable Energy Development Assistance Grant, this initiative aims to facilitate energy assessments for Oregon farms, ranches, and rural small businesses. By covering 75% of the assessment costs, the program seeks to alleviate financial barriers and encourage the adoption of energy-efficient practices. Through this collaborative effort, rural communities can harness the power of sustainability, enhancing operational efficiency while preserving the pristine beauty of Oregon’s countryside.

If your organization is looking for incentives and rebates outside Oregon, we suggest reviewing our other blogs to find your area and utility provider. If you do not see your area covered in our blog feed, please schedule a call with one of our incentive and rebate experts and ask them to find your rebates!

Heat Pump Incentive Program

In the quest for sustainable alternatives, Oregon leads the charge with its innovative Heat Pump Funding Program. Envisioned under SB 1536, this initiative earmarks $10 million for heat pump deployment, $15 million for grants and rebates facilitating heat pump installations by landlords, and an additional $2 million for Community Cooling Centers during extreme heat events. By promoting the widespread adoption of heat pumps, Oregon endeavors to mitigate environmental impact while ensuring comfort and resilience in the face of climate challenges. Through strategic investments and community partnerships, the Heat Pump Funding Program heralds a paradigm shift towards a greener, more sustainable future for all Oregonians.

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Oregon’s landscape is ripe with opportunities for businesses to embrace energy efficiency and sustainability. By leveraging financial rebates and incentives, commercial entities can not only reduce their environmental footprint but also bolster their financial resilience. To learn more about the application process, contact Incentive Rebate360 to speak with an expert. Contact us by calling 480-653-8180, emailing [email protected], or scheduling a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below!


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