A Basic Guide to Colorado’s Heritage Energy Approach

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Preserving historic properties isn’t just about maintaining our cultural heritage; it’s also about investing in a sustainable future. In Colorado, the Heritage Energy Approach offers a comprehensive strategy to assist Main Street building and business owners in reinvesting in their historic properties while promoting energy efficiency and environmental conservation. Through a combination of rebates, grants, and incentives, property owners can access multiple funding streams to reduce rehabilitation expenses and enhance property values.

The Heritage Energy Approach

The Heritage Energy Approach integrates historic preservation and energy efficiency standards, recognizing that both are crucial for the long-term sustainability of our neighborhood. By following these standards and best practices, property owners can tap into various financial resources to support their projects.

Historic Preservation Funding

The State Historical Fund provides grants for a wide range of purposes, including historic structure assessment, archaeological assessment, and acquisition and development. Available to governments, nonprofits, and private property owners, this fund supports projects aimed at preserving Colorado’s rich heritage.

Unlock historic preservation opportunities with Colorado’s Certified Local Governments (CLG) grant! Administered by History Colorado in partnership with the U.S. Department of Interior’s Historic Preservation Fund Program, this grant provides funding for local governments to undertake various preservation projects. Since 2000, History Colorado has matched at least 10% of these funds through the State Historical Fund, eliminating the need for local matching funds. With approximately $150,000 available for FY2024 grants, projects such as historic surveys, preservation planning, and educational programs are supported. Apply now to preserve Colorado’s heritage and contribute to underrepresented community initiatives before the June 1, 2026 deadline!

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Energy Funding for Main Street Commercial Properties

The Colorado Clean Energy Fund offers commercial loans with low-interest rates for municipal, commercial, and nonprofit property owners. These loans support energy efficiency upgrades, enabling property owners to lower their carbon footprint while saving money on operating costs.

Another financing option, C-PACE (Commercial-Property Assessed Clean Energy), allows owners of eligible commercial and industrial buildings to finance energy efficiency improvements through property tax assessments. With a maximum term of 25 years, C-PACE financing provides 100% funding for eligible projects based on guaranteed savings.

Support for Local Governments

Local governments can access funding through programs like the Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund Grant, which assists communities impacted by energy development. This grant supports a wide range of projects, from infrastructure improvements to renewable energy initiatives.

The Colorado Energy Office’s Energy Performance Contracting program offers a creative funding model for capital improvement projects. By using future cost savings to fund upgrades, local governments can implement energy efficiency measures with little or no upfront capital.

New Initiatives for Community Resilience

The Microgrids for Community Resilience program, established by HB22-1013, provides grants to cooperative electric associations and municipally owned utilities to develop microgrid resources for rural communities. These grants strengthen community resilience in the face of electric grid disruptions.

Public Building Electrification Program

Authorized by House Bill 22-1362, the Public Building Electrification Grant supports public entities in electrifying their buildings. This program provides funding for energy audits, high-efficiency electric equipment, and infrastructure upgrades, helping communities reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to cleaner energy sources.

Heritage Energy Approach Applications through Incentive Rebate360

Colorado’s Heritage Energy Approach offers a wealth of financial resources for historic property owners and local governments. By leveraging rebates, grants, and incentives, stakeholders can preserve our cultural heritage, promote sustainability, and revitalize communities across the state. Whether through historic preservation funding or energy efficiency initiatives, these programs empower individuals and organizations to invest in a brighter, more sustainable future for Colorado’s Main Streets.

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