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With over 62 years of accumulated experience, the              Incentive Rebate360 experts have the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize your incentive and rebate returns.

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Did you know that incentives and rebates are two different things? Or that there are several different types of incentive and rebate programs? Don’t forget the bonus programs.

There are currently over 900 incentive and rebate programs active in the United States, each with specific guidelines that need to be followed to facilitate your return. No incentive or rebate program is precisely the same, making it difficult to assess the process or even the potential of the programs.

Incentive Rebate360 was founded by a team of leading incentive management specialists and an energy-efficient technology provider that saw the growing need for assistance in the incentive rebate management field. How many energy-efficient projects never make it to fruition due to lack of funds? Would your project be in the pipeline if your payback period was half the time? What if a bonus program was the key to approving your LED retrofit or HVAC install?

Our experts’ only job is to find, manage, process and capture your incentives and rebates. Let the experts at Incentive Rebate360 maximize your incentive and rebate returns.

Contact us today to find out how we can help! You can schedule a call that fits your needs or give us a call at 480-653-8180.

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As one of the nation’s only full turn-key incentive management companies, we understand the struggles facing organizations trying to find, process, and receive the max amount available in incentive and rebate funds.

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