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Our team has designed a process that takes the hassle out of maximizing commercial rebate returns!

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Welcome to Incentive Rebate360, your trusted partner in maximizing incentive returns for energy-efficient projects. With over 62 years of collective experience, we pride ourselves on being one of the few fully turn-key incentive and rebate management companies in the U.S. Our process is designed to simplify the complex world of incentives and rebates, ensuring that your project’s ROI is maximized.

We Understand Your Needs

We Understanding Your Needs

Our journey begins with a deep understanding of your unique needs. Whether you are a facility manager, business owner, manufacturer, distributor, or contractor, we recognize the diverse challenges you face. Our experts are dedicated to tailoring solutions that fit seamlessly into your organizational framework.

Let Us Help You Navigating the Incentive Landscape

Let Us Help You Navigating the Incentive Landscape

Incentives and rebates can significantly enhance payback time, with potential improvements ranging from 20% to 25%. The choice of the right incentive program could even double your rebates. In fact, 75% of the U.S. is covered by an active commercial lighting rebate, showcasing the vast opportunities that exist in the incentive landscape.

Simplifying Incentives: Streamlining the Recovery Process for a Hassle-Free Experience

Managing incentives and rebates can be a daunting task, filled with stress and paperwork. We understand the challenges firsthand. Let Incentive Rebate360 take the hassle out of the entire process. No more missed pre-approvals, unseen paperwork, or resource-draining endeavors – just a smooth, efficient process that ensures you get the maximum returns.

The incentive management process tends to be a lengthy one and can take 7-8 weeks, not including installation time.

Incentive Process: Pre-Approval

Commercial incentives typically require pre-approval, and this tends to be where many organizations miss a step, at the very beginning. The average per-approval takes around 4-5 weeks and consists of 4 steps:

  • Gathering all technical documentation
  • Process energy-saving calculations
  • Prepare and submit incentive paperwork
  • Pre-inspections – where required

Incentive Process: Installation

This timeframe can vary based on the type and scope of the project, but there are several steps that need to be adhered to:

  • Changes to the installation must be shared with the incentive program
  • Specific installation requirements must be followed
  • Maintain all project deadlines
  • Extension requests must be filed properly if required

Incentive Process: Closing Incentive Submission

The closing process for your incentive rebate typically takes 2-3 weeks and follows these last steps:

  • Gather all invoices and documentation
  • Prepare and submit closing incentive paperwork
  • Post-inspection – where required
  • Ensure you receive your Check!

No matter your organization’s size or resources, incentive rebate management often produces greater returns when outsourced to the experts.

Why Choose Incentive Rebate360?

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Expertise Saves Time and Maximizes Returns

Don’t leave money on the table. Our incentive management experts bring unparalleled experience, ensuring you save time, effort, and maximize the incentive dollars available.

Technology Selection Matters Icon_Dark Blue

Technology Selection Matters

Selecting the right technology for your project can have a significant impact on your incentive returns. For instance, while one product may qualify for an incentive, by choosing a slightly more expensive product, you could increase the amount paid out by the incentive and significantly lower your payback period. Trust us; your execs will love the ROI once they see a comparison.

Incentive programs also differ by location, and you should never assume that a project in Texas will return the same incentive results as a project in California.

Timing is Critical Icon_Dark Blue

Timing is Critical

Depending upon the type of incentive and rebate program you are applying for, the timing could be critical. Some incentive programs are working with a fixed amount of funding. This funding will eventually run out, ending the incentive money being distributed. Timing is critical in these instances.

Bonus programs also have a critical time component. Often offered by utilities and states, bonus programs run for a limited amount of time but can add an additional 20% – 50% to your incentive return.

Negotiation Expertise Icon_Dark Blue

Negotiation Expertise

There can be times when an energy efficiency project isn’t covered by any specific incentive program, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are no incentive dollars to be had. This is where we send in the negotiator.

While we are sure, you have that one salesperson who can negotiate anything. If they don’t understand the incentive process and when and how to make a point, they are not going to magically gain you an incentive return.

Ready to maximize your incentives and streamline your project’s financial benefits? Our Incentive Rebate360 experts are standing by to guide you through our process. Whether you have questions or are ready to start, we welcome your inquiries. Contact us, and we’ll respond within 24 business hours, or schedule a call at your convenience. Don’t miss out on potential returns – choose Incentive Rebate360 for a smoother, more rewarding process.

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