Energy Saving Incentives for Connecticut Businesses

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As businesses strive to reduce operational costs and embrace sustainability, energy efficiency has become a top priority. In Connecticut, Energize CT is leading the charge by offering robust incentives for commercial energy efficiency projects. These incentives, which include financial support, low-interest financing, and quick rebates, make it easier for businesses to transition to high-efficiency alternatives. This blog delves into the array of energy-saving incentives available through Energize CT and showcases how businesses across the state have significantly lowered their energy usage and expenses. Discover how Energize CT is helping to build a greener, more cost-effective future for Connecticut’s commercial sector.

Financial Incentives to Propel Your Energy Efficiency Projects

Energize CT provides a robust support system for businesses looking to enhance their energy efficiency. The program offers financial incentives that cover up to 40 percent of installed costs, making energy-efficient upgrades more accessible. Additionally, businesses can benefit from zero-interest or low-interest rate financing options, easing the financial burden of these projects.

One of the standout features of Energize CT is the “express rebates” for common energy-saving measures. These rebates ensure fast and convenient savings, allowing businesses to see immediate financial benefits from their energy-efficient investments.

If your organization is looking for incentives and rebates outside of the Connecticut coverage area, we suggest reviewing our other blogs to find your area and utility provider. If you do not see your area covered in our blog feed, please schedule a call with one of our incentive and rebate experts and ask them to find your rebates!

How the Energy Opportunities Program Works

The Energy Opportunities Program is designed to streamline the process of identifying and implementing energy-saving measures. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

  1. Initial Consultation: Utility energy experts collaborate with you to pinpoint energy-saving equipment opportunities that align with your business needs. Throughout this process, you maintain complete control over your project.
  2. Project Agreement: Before ordering any equipment, program administrators prepare a detailed project agreement for your signature. This agreement outlines all proposed energy-efficient measures, estimated energy savings, and the anticipated incentive amounts. Information on financing options is also provided.
  3. Implementation: You can work with your preferred contractors or maintenance staff to purchase and install the energy-efficient equipment.
  4. Incentive Payment: Upon project completion and verification of the installed measures, your company receives an incentive payment, offsetting a significant portion of the project costs.

Energy-Efficient Equipment Eligible for Incentives

Energize CT provides incentives for a wide range of energy-efficient equipment, helping businesses upgrade their systems to save energy and reduce costs.

Eligible lighting options: include daylight controls, automatic dimming sensors, LED lighting, and networked control systems.

HVAC incentives cover: natural gas furnaces, boilers, chiller systems, energy management systems, premium motors, and programmable thermostats.

Refrigeration incentives are available for: ammonia systems, mechanical sub-coolers, evaporator controls, and high-speed cooler doors.

Water heating incentives: include natural gas indirect and on-demand tankless water heaters.

Additionally, process-related equipment such as premium motors, infrared heaters, commercial kitchen equipment, air compressors, and custom measures can also qualify for these financial incentives.

Energize CT also supports custom measures, allowing businesses to address unique energy-saving opportunities within their operations.

Financial Incentives for All Business Sizes

Energize CT’s incentives are available to commercial, industrial, and municipal customers of any size. Whether your business is a small restaurant or a large manufacturing facility, you can benefit from these energy-saving incentives. For natural gas-saving measures, businesses must be firm customers of CNG, SCG, or Eversource.

A retrofit, defined as replacing existing operational equipment that still has at least 25% of its useful life remaining, qualifies for these incentives. This includes upgrades and modifications of existing equipment to enhance energy efficiency.

Businesses That Can Benefit

Many types of businesses can benefit from Energize CT’s energy-saving incentives, including restaurants, manufacturers, retail stores, hospitals, government and municipal buildings, lodging, schools, colleges, universities, office settings like insurance and real estate brokers, law offices, accounting firms, and private buildings such as libraries and museums. To see the minimum qualification and incentive criteria for common measures in this program, visit your utility’s website. Energize CT is committed to helping businesses save energy and reduce costs, making Connecticut a leader in energy efficiency.

Saving in CT with Incentive Rebate360

Energize CT’s comprehensive suite of energy-saving incentives has proven to be a game-changer for businesses across Connecticut, enabling them to reduce energy consumption and operational costs while promoting sustainability. From financial incentives and low-interest financing to express rebates for common measures, these programs make it easier for businesses to invest in high-efficiency alternatives.

With Incentive Rebate360 you can further amplify these benefits by utilizing our rebate management services that streamline the process, ensuring your business can maximize your savings on energy-efficient projects. By leveraging these resources, Connecticut businesses can continue to thrive economically while contributing to a more sustainable future. To learn more about our rebate process, call 480-653-8180, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below!


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